Boris Briozzo, best known by his stage name Boris Nech, is a prolific film and videogame score composer who has been captivating listeners around the world. His powerful yet mysterious music frequently combines classical orchestrations with electronics elements. Although mostly instrumental, Nech’s work often involves complex narratives that deal with cybernetics, chemistry, psychology, philosophy and the world of machines. Boris started playing and studying the piano at a very early age; later, he spent several years training in solfeggio and classical composition before experimenting with digital audio workstations and electronic instruments.


With millions of views on Youtube, Boris Nech is currently collaborating with various media production studios on soundtracks for films and short films. His previous works have appeared on ABC network series How To Get Away With Murder and on videos from Eurosport‘s FIA European Rally Championship, CELTICA Valle d’Aosta 2014, among others.