Janice Prix

Janice Prix has come a long way from their small hometown of Trollhättan in western Sweden to the legendary studio Psykbunkern, home of their childhood heroes kent. Janice Prix aren’t shy about wanting to make music with big and dark choruses, an ambition some might call pretentious.

But there’s a reason for the dark heart beating inside Janice Prix’ new songs. It lies within the recent recording process marked by setbacks and exhaustion, as well as their unusual past of turning a death threat into praise.

Forming a band like Janice Prix while living in a small Swedish industrial town, dominated by metal and punk, was nothing less than a suicide mission. “We wanted to rebel and provoke by being different”, MK (bass) says. The local music scene wasn’t at all shy about expressing its hostility towards Janice Prix and it got to a point where one day ”we discovered that someone had nailed fake obituaries, with our names and everything, to the studio door” says Richard Henry (vocals).

Studio Psykbunkern co-founder and longtime kent producer Stefan Boman felt differently and decided to take on the challenge of co-producing the band.

Stepping out of an exhausting recording process that took nearly three years, the band is now stronger than ever. Drummer Victor Hillström explains: “We wanted the new songs to be perfect, and a perfect fuck you to our self-proclaimed funeral directors. That’s why we pulled through.”

Friendships, family, and fun were all sacrificed at the altar of sonic perfection. No emotional expense was spared in the exploration of lyrical themes such as love, politics and loss. But then again, what’s the price of authenticity in an age of manufactured sentimentalism? Maybe the real question is, was it all worth it? You be the judge.

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