Vonavi is much more than producer Andrei Ivanov’s surname backwards.
It is a distillation of much that is great about electronica in the past twenty years.

It’s the fragility of James Blake
The lovability of Maribou State
The accessibility of Bondax
The downright coolness of Massive Attack

Vonavi’s debut album feels like a breath of fresh air, while simultaneously leaving
you breathless. This represents a sense of balance that is evident the more you look:
He takes you on a journey that is cinematic yet approachable, with a style that is fresh
yet mature, relaxed yet powerful, stripped down yet melodic, reassuringly warm yet undeniably cool.

He is young, yet experienced, an artist but also a producer, a musician who gets up at
6am every morning, a pirate who remains sweetly humble: He confesses, “I’ve never
owned a record.” while having the good sense to advise anyone to “stay humble,
so you can learn new things”

These juxtapositions reveal a great depth to Vonavi and the beautifully produced and
arranged vocal tracks on this album are testament to his technical skills as much as
they are to his people skills as a collaborator. As such, Andrei has worked with Chris
James from the UK band Stateless, Lorna Rose and Jack Hawitt.

Vonavi’s music has appeared on “How To Get Away with Murder” and Marvel’s “Cloak & Dagger”.

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